Sport Sail



  • Total size 6.5 m2 (70 ft2).
  • A powerful sail designed for higher speeds, for more experienced enthusiasts.
  • Made from highly durable 4 oz Dacron that is both tough and easy to care for.
  • Includes a longer 12-inch mast base to adjust to the height of the sail.

Mylar Sail


  • Total surface area 5.5 m2 (59.2 ft2).
  • Perfect for users of all sizes and experience levels. For use in all conditions (mild to strong winds).
  • Lighter than the Dacron classic sail, offers a better performance.

Also available in Sport format at a price of $1,200 CAD. 

Custom production. Can cause additional delivery lead time.

* Click on the image for a closer look on the Mylar sail texture.



  • Perfectly adapted for the OutsiderTM
  • Material : Galvanized steel
  • Tow hitch ball diameter: 5 cm (2 in)
  • Total load capacity: 1250 lbs (568 kg)
  • Tires: 30,5 cm (12 in)
  • Total length: 4,6 m (15 ft)
  • Total width: 152,4 cm (60 in)
  • Width between wings: 104 cm (41 in)
  • Submersible lights

Offered only to customers picking up their Outsider™ directly from the manufacturing facility. No home deliveries.

Boat cover


  • Black polyester, solution-dyed fabric for increased UV resistance
  • Easy-to-install elastic design
  • Air openings in rear for towing
  • Attached stow-away pocket for storage
  • Front and rear openings for easy attachment to trailer
  • Lining on bow to prevent wear and tear from front trailer hitch
  • Courtesy strap at rear for additional strapping to trailer
  • Logo: white and red, affixed to the side of the cover

Transport Bag


  • Designed for the center-board / rudder blade transport and storage
  • Air opening for aeration
  • Interior compartments for storage
  • Courtesy strap for transport
  • Logo: white and red, affixed to the side of the bag



  • Polyester and Spandex
  • Color : black
  • One size